Scaling for wider impact

Access our support on demand as you roll out operations across new territories

As your budget approaches the $10M Zone, you can easily justify a full-time CFO: a financial strategist who’ll develop your plans for exponential growth, by replicating the business or adding new profit centres.

Naturally, at this point, we’re less involved in your day to day financial management. But we’re still available to you, wherever you need that extra touch – whether we’ve been part of your early journey or not.

Working in partnership

With no commitment on your part, we’re on permanent stand-by – ready to support you through each challenge as it comes. For example…

Acting as CFO
Advertising a post is a far cry from filling it. Quality CFO candidates are scarce, especially in the non-profit space where it’s impossible to compete with private sector salaries. So typically, our first role is to stay on in our temporary capacity – or take up the reins – filling the CFO role until a suitable candidate emerges.

If needed, we’ll play an active role in sourcing and appointing our own replacement. After which, we’ll work with you to extend the finance team: identifying job roles, sourcing candidates, writing interview scripts and more.

Team Development
As we appoint new team members, we’ll take care of induction so everyone works to a common standard. Then take on succession training, to develop your team for the future.

Meanwhile, if a key person leaves, we’ll source their replacement while stepping into their role to minimize disruption.

Special Projects
As your finances evolve, we meet all your changing needs – especially those business improvement projects that call for specialist skills.

You might ask us to:

  • Check your spending for inefficiencies, and tighten your controls.
  • Update your financial management processes and systems, to drive efficiency and offer a deeper insight into the numbers.
  • Upgrade your forecasting model, by merging precedent data with new behavioural drivers, so budgets and resources can be planned with a higher level of accuracy.
  • Improve your fundraising system, from gathering data to making your case for donations.

First Steps

Our support is fully bespoke. So whatever the challenge, let’s explore some options and devise a way forward…