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Become the business you’re meant to be

With a leading team of CFO Corporate Finance Consultants

One day, your fast-growing business will hire a full-time CFO. But what about now?

Who’s guarding the numbers and keeping your growth on track?

One day, your fast-growing business will hire a full-time CFO. But what about now? Who’s guarding the numbers and keeping your growth on track?

Most CEOs need a finance partner like us, to steer the course. Working only the hours you need, we’ll help you stabilise and expand. Then pass the reins to your first full-time CFO…and continue to support you as you scale and plan for exit.


“If finance hijacks all your time…if you’re losing control of the numbers…if you need funding or you’re planning for growth…let’s talk, and forge a new path.”

James Vanreusel /
Founder & CEO, Vanreusel Ventures

Building For Profits

As your part-time CFO, we navigate as you steer. We’re here to take your vision… shape your plans… make sure you’re sustainable…while you focus your energy on growth and innovation.

Impact for Non-Profits

As a social enterprise, squeezing every dollar, your every decision is vital. But who guides those decisions? An accountant, who analyses the past…or a CFO, who learns from the past and plans the next stage of your mission?

Case studies
Whether you’re for-profit or non-profit, a start-up or growing enterprise, we’ve helped someone in your shoes – and we can show you more like these:
Noora Health
We took this non-profit back to basics – introducing best practice accounting, while taking steps to minimise tax liability.
Integrate Health
We helped Integrate Health transform its finance operations, at a time when funds increased and tighter management was needed.
Smiley Kids
This growing business was planning to expand from Chile into Mexico.
For Profit
REDD Intelligence
We helped this financial publisher prepare for new capital funding by upgrading their forecasting model. In the process, we revealed the needs of their future investors.
For Profit


James Vanreusel’s acclaimed book

The #1 Key To Creating a Thriving Business

Numbers can tell you everything that’s going on in your business, right down to the reasons for every win and loss. That is, once you know the ways of finance and accounting – as James reveals here. (Jargon-free!)

It’s all about learning from the past and planning ahead with confidence. And as CEO of a growing business, your copy is free.



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When Will My Company Need a CFO?

“James helped Planet leading several major initiatives to reduce expenses, raise finances and build sales models. He succeeded very well in these. Furthermore, I really enjoyed working with James. I’d highly recommend James to anyone who needs CFO services similar to our needs.”

Will Marshall /
CEO & Co-Founder, Planet

“Honestly I put James up there in the top 1% of the CFOs that I’ve worked with. I think James is absolutely fantastic at understanding the numbers, understanding the process, understanding the business, and then being that thought partner for the CEO, that can sit in the room and participate in a conversation and bring a perspective that others don’t have. And that is absolutely huge.”

Greg Ennis /
Managing Director , Peninsula Ventures

“I’ve had a great experience working with James. In under six months, we’ve gotten to know each other really well and that’s down to him being open and being available to talk through both how he operates as Interim CFO at Planet and in his own company. From both sides of the equation that I’ve experienced, I think very highly of him. I think he is definitely one with high integrity, never goes back on his word and his follow up has always been on point. I completely trust his skill sets in terms of working with companies across different stages and the experience I’ve had with him on a later stage company shows that he’s got some breadth – it’s not just a small series A company where he’d be tapped in, he can work with companies that are generating ten, twenty, thirty million in revenue.”

Kevin Zeidan/Managing Director,Hercules Capital

“Vanreusel Ventures fills a critical need for dynamic, growing non-profits. The company’s expertise providing finance and accounting leadership allows founders to focus on building out their programs, fundraising and organizations, with the comfort of knowing that the numbers are in trusted hands. They provide funders and boards with confidence that finances are under a watchful, experienced set of eyes.”

Jayson Morris /
Philanthropic Advisor at Evolve Network
Former Social Entrepreneurship Portfolio Director at Peery Foundation
Board Member of Muso

“Working with James’ people, we were able to tackle key questions that enabled our organization to lay a strong foundation for financial management. Their scorecard was very helpful and their advising on core components, such as when to bring accounting functions in-house, proved deeply valuable. Their support has enabled our team to feel confident in the strength of our finance operations.”

Jennifer Schechter /
CEO, Integrate Health

Vanreusel Ventures helped us improve our monthly reporting by converting our financial information into innovative and dynamic visuals and dashboards. Thanks to this we are now able to present more interesting and impactful reports to our Senior Management Team and to potential funders.

Vanreusel Ventures were also excellent at understanding the challenges that our organisation is facing as an emerging NGO and at advising us on how to become more financially attractive to funders in order to maximise our opportunities to scale up.

We are extremely thankful with Vanreusel Ventures for all their advice and time spent in helping us become a greater organisation.