Who are we?

Well, if you’re the builder, we’re the architect

If you set out to build a skyscraper, you’d want drawings… foundations… structure. You certainly wouldn’t “build it and see”, on nothing but a wing and a prayer.

And if you’re building a business, the same rule applies. You need a solid financial base like budgets, controls and systems. Otherwise, with one push, everything collapses.

However – in the rush to build, these fundamentals are easily overlooked. Or they’re added in haste, unchecked by an expert – then quickly fail under pressure.

We’re here to stop that happening…and see your business prosper.

As financial strategists, we work with fast-growing companies that need more solid foundations. Adding new plans and systems, to hold things steady and prepare for the next level of growth.

Based in San Francisco, our expert team works closely with clients from every sector – both Profit and Non Profit, right across the US. From tech start-ups here in Silicon Valley to impact programs on the East Coast, we’ll move you towards the next stage of growth through a mix of training, coaching and professional support.


We can help with:

  • Your strategy. We’ll act as your CFO until you bring in a full-time hire.
  • Your financial skills. Coaching you to manage and interpret the numbers.
  • Your challenges. Like raising capital or getting support in the board room.
  • Your finance team. Let’s identify the roles you need, and fill them.
  • Your international growth. We’ve taken clients into 19 countries. Are you next?


Why us?

We’re not the only finance people you’ll meet. And everyone is throwing around words like “growth”…“results”…“expansion”…so why should you work with us?

Well – clients will tell you, it’s our “way”:

The way we take ownership and responsibility.

The way we innovate and figure out solutions.

The way we act with integrity, putting our own interests second.

The way we take feedback, without getting defensive.

The way we mitigate risk…and regroup if a risk strategy backfires.

Basically, it’s about the way we get stuff done. Finding answers, and taking action without delay.

Think of us as your finance SWAT team, waiting for the call. Just get in touch when you need us…share a challenge…and we’re on it.

Introducing Team Vanreusel
James Vanreusel
Kim Gonzalez
Operations Manager
Boyu Shi
Senior Corporate Finance Analyst
Jeannette Cox
Manuel Novoa
Finance Manager
Paula Moro
Marketing Manager
Advisory Board
Dave Dean
Steve Matthews

Our mission

Putting you in control

Our aim as a business is simple: to put you in control of finance. Perhaps through training, coaching or mentoring to equip you with the right skills. Or perhaps consultancy, to prepare your business, people and systems for growth.

You don’t need “a head for figures”, or prior knowledge of finance. Our people and programs will help you organize – and analyze – the numbers, so you can make informed decisions and realize your company’s true potential.

We want you to think big. And picture it. What does the future look like? Bring us into your vision, and we’ll scale your business in that direction – together.
You care about your customers, and investors too. And you deserve a finance partner who’ll work with the same fervor – serving your company values as much as your ambitions.
Good is not “good enough”! You want to smash through targets and speed towards IPO or exit. So you won’t tolerate second rate – and we won’t dip below first.
Your challenges are unique. So we’ll draw on our years of working with clients of all sizes and sectors, to custom-make your solution – based on methods we’ve tested and proven.
We won’t sugar-coat the truth. Or back a bogus idea. You need us to be frank, no matter how unpalatable the answer – and bring you bad news immediately. No surprises.
We have to earn your confidence, by upholding – and raising - the ethical standards we’re known for. Not just once, to prove our worth, but in everything we do.