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The “Number One Key” is no mystery. It’s an intimate connection with numbers – nothing more.

When you know how cash moves through your business…how to raise it…how to protect it…you have control, and a solid foundation for growth. But where do you start, when there are so many myths and half-truths?

It’s all in James Vanreusel’s book. And as CEO of a new or growing business, you can claim a FREE copy here.

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Finding the best source of financial advice can be a minefield for business owners. James not only has the knowledge, experience and financial wisdom I needed, but he was also able to communicate the complex details in a way that was easy to understand. Moreover, as a business owner himself, he understood the challenges I face day to day and provided practical support and advice when needed. Dave Dean/ CEO and Entrepreneur

As a business owner, you have to know your numbers. We all know this but it is often easier said than done.  What if numbers aren’t your thing.  Which numbers are important? There are so many of them.  If you are anything like me, I feel myself glazing over at the mere mention of forecasts, P&L’s and a balance sheet is like an encrypted puzzle. I always take comfort in the wise words “You can’t be good at everything!” 

James helped me make sense of what I needed to know and explained everything in a language that I understood.  Before, I used to make decisions at best on guesswork but mainly on a wing and a prayer.  James allowed me to get the knowledge that enables me to use these key reports to make winning decisions.  Thanks James 

Steve Matthews/ CEO / Risk Monitor

INSIDE “The Number One Key”

Growth is more than sales! It’s cashflow… margins… capital investment… forecasts… KPIs… systems… controls… as explained here, over 16 short and simple chapters.

Your free book includes:

Reading between the numbers. What’s the hidden story, and how do you find it in your balance sheet?

“Delegate, but don’t abdicate”. How to step back from finance, without losing control of the numbers.

Laying foundations for growth. Creating a sound financial system that you can scale with ease, and replicate as you expand.

How to plan your spend and resources around the money that’s flowing in and out of the business.

Extending your Cash Runway by tightening your spending controls and building more accurate forecasts.

How to find investors and secure their capital…then keep them on side, even if numbers are disappointing.

The top 5 metrics that drive your business, 80/20 style. How to spot them, and use them to make smart decisions.

“Can you afford this sale?” – 4 questions to save you taking on work that pushes you over the edge.

Sanity-checks and calculations to make sure your accountant or CFO has drawn the right conclusions.

How to manage debt and get paid faster: the “Vintage Table” that keeps you on top of creditors.

To co-found or go it alone? How to decide, and create a simple Equity Ownership Structure.

Stock Options – offering future equity to staff. (A great way to get your whole team pulling in one direction.)

Budgeting: have you suddenly outgrown your old methods? Find out how budgets change, and the 4 “box-ticking” errors to avoid.

CFO or Financial Controller? Which do you need, and how do you choose the right candidate? (It’s more than pedigree!)

Your hiring plan – and how to build it around a realistic forecast. (This exercise will align your staffing levels with your business plan and performance.)

Approaching an angel investor – and the red lines you should never cross when they ask for concessions.

The “5-100-500” Mindset for raising capital, fast. Plus, how to handle a pitch meeting with a potential investor.

The Monthly Review System that keeps you in control, and the 4-part financial package to submit to your board once a month.

Fraud prevention – internal controls to protect your business. (You can’t ignore this, especially if the business is going to run without you.)



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