Start-Up Stack Partners

When engaging a new client we perform a gaps exercise and put together an action plan as to how best to close those gaps. If we do not have the capacity or expertise we partner with those who do and refer our clients. Which is why our resources stack is so important to us.

Below are a few of Vanreusel Ventures most essential technology partners and specialized vendors that will support our clients at every stage of business. If you have any questions about any of these resources, reach out to us directly. We will gladly connect you!

Vanreusel Ventures has resources to support your business at every stage.

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Equity Management

Carta helps companies manage their cap tables, valuations, and liquidity events. They also make it easier to work with investors by facilitating cap table sharing, board approvals, and shareholder updates. New Carta clients will receive a 20% first year discount and waived implementation fees. For more information you can reach out to Vanreusel Ventures directly.

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Payroll & people ops

Rippling offers one place to manage all your employee data, payroll, people management, onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. Rippling is one of Vanreusel Ventures technology people op partners, and offers deep discounts for new clients. Reach out to Vanreusel Ventures directly with any questions or a walk through. Happy to help you figure out the best way to make Rippling work for you.

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Employee benefits

AEIS advises businesses with 2 to 500 employees on various types of insurance, which includes Medical, Vision, Dental, Disability, Life / AD&D, and Key Person and Buy-Sell Life Insurance. Being based in Silicon Valley, we are experienced with ensuring our clients’ out-of-state employees are properly covered and that their company complies with the employment and benefits laws of all necessary states.

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FounderSuite was created for founders so they can save time while raising money. This platform can save you hundreds of hours raising money and getting to know and maintaining relationships for investors. Foundersuite is an investor CRM database, and it helps bring structure, speed, and efficiency to fundraising and investor relations. In addition to that, they also offer other product features for financial intermediaries, investors, and accelerators and some additional features like Pitch deck hosting and over 80 start-up doc templates.

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Social media marketing

Lately automatically writes and pre-tests new social media content using any longform content and A.I.-built writing model. Accelerates the preparation, approvals and scheduling steps needed to publish droves of social media posts across your channels. For a growing start up that needs to up their social media game, but doesn't have time to think about what to say...Lately is the ideal solution.

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Banking and credit

Scale your business faster with Brex. Cash management and corporate cards for your team in as little as 10 minutes Replace your bank account with Brex Cash. Brex Cash is a bank account alternative that companies of any size can use to deposit cash, send payments, and track spend. With the Brex Card, it’s your new financial OS.

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Accounting services

Stride Services is an outsourced bookkeeping/accounting firm co-founded by serial entrepreneurs to help business owners get and stay in their genius zone. We provide full stack day/day back office services around invoicing, payables, payroll, reporting and board level visualizations to give leaders trust and confidence so they can pursue their vision. For more information, reach out to Russell Benaroya at [email protected].

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Non profit accounting services

At Jitasa, our mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofits. Our bookkeeping and accounting services are affordable and cater to every nonprofit. Whether your organization decides to outsource both your nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting services or just one, you can rest assured we will provide personalized services designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. From compiling expense reports and crafting complex budgets to strategizing cash flow control, our accountants are here to help your nonprofit regain control over your finances, enabling organizational growth.

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Accounting/bookkeeping software

Everything in one place. Xero is a powerful all-in-one solution for your business. Run everything smoothly, keep tidy records, and make compliance a breeze. Automate tasks like invoicing and reporting, get a full financial picture of your business and make filing and end-of-year tax returns easy.

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Advisory, Tax & Assurance

BakerTilly is an international Tax, Accounting, Assurance, Audits, and CPA consulting firm--and considered the 12th largest firm in the United States. They have been recognized as one of the "Best Places to Work" for women and considered the 10th largest accounting firm worldwide. Most recently, they are listed as one of Forbes largest employers in 2021.

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Business/employee insurance

CAL designs insurance solutions for businesses, schools/nonprofits, real estate investors and successful families across the US.

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Start up growth accelerator

Growth University A six-week course that teaches founders and their teams the frameworks and strategies for startup growth. This program because more than half the startups we invest in are so focused on building their products, that they haven't gotten around to building a growth team. If you don't build a plan for growth, your startup is probably not going to grow. If you are interested in this program make sure to use the code JV10 for a special 10% off discount.

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Sustainable marketing

Forest Nation is a for-profit sustainable business. They offer products and services that unite environmental, social and commercial goals together. Forest Nation creates comprehensive offerings for companies that can both market their brands effectively and help save the earth. From tree-planting kits to online forests they market sustainability by default with their solutions. Their mission is to stimulate local economies; develop leadership roles for women; and create a brighter outlook for future generations. By default, organizations that work with them help not only their own communities, but contribute significantly to the greater good

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When you are ready, we have the resources to help

The #1 Key to a Thriving Business Book

If you are ready to get on top of the numbers and spend more time growing your business, request your Free copy of The #1 Key to a Thriving Business here.

Strength in Numbers Masterclass

This course is perfect for early-stage CEOs who need a self-directed guide to understand their company's financial well-being. View the Strength in Numbers course here.

The Complete Hiring Toolkit

Every company is searching for top-of-the-line candidates who fit seamlessly into their company mission and culture. The Complete Hiring Toolkit is a simple, comprehensive guide to separate the field and attract the standout candidate with an irresistible offer.

3-Month Accelerator Program for Start-Ups

Join the Scale by Numbers Accelerator program, and you will get access to our Corporate Finance team and exclusive start-up advisory program. We help young organizations work through 2-3 projects that have put a hard stop to their momentum. We will push past those obstacles in a structured manner using an action plan that will get results as fast as humanly possible.

Corporate Finance Advisory

When you engage with the Vanreusel Ventures corporate finance team in one of our roadmap programs, you will gain access to our Corporate Advisory services, bespoke resources, top-of-the-line vendors, and all of our courses and programs. We help growing nonprofit and for-profit companies take control of their financial platform and will guide you through your journey towards scalability.