Expert Interim CFO & Finance Services

We are the finance team that checks all the boxes.  We will give CEOs time back and accelerate your organization as fast as humanly possible. 

Expert Interim CFO & Finance Services

We are the finance team that checks all the boxes.  We will give CEOs time back and accelerate your organization as fast as humanly possible. 

Interim CFO and Strategic Finance Support

We are experts in supporting startups, non-profits, and VC-backed companies. With extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge, we quickly find solutions through our network of partners and subject matter experts. Our team simplifies operations, streamlines financial processes, and supports CEOs to make informed decisions and focus on running their businesses. 

Who we work with that want to:

  • Double the speed with which they double the size of their company
  • Double the company’s valuation
  • Navigate through the biggest capital raise of their company’s history
  • Raise Series A Funding and plan to raise more.
  • Grow internationally 
  • Attract Donors and raise funds fast
  • Grow their non-profit budget from $2M-$10M
  • Merge or Acquire other businesses



We offer flexible solutions and staffing that meet your needs, delivering results efficiently without compromising quality.  We make things happen, no matter what. We are hired to collaboratively develop and install a process for supporting top-line growth that is two to ten times the size of your current revenues.


Strategic Advisory and Support

Whether you need assistance with financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, or business restructuring, we are here to help. We take the time to understand your goals and challenges, offering valuable insights and innovative solutions to drive your business forward.



Financial Planning and Analysis

Whether you require trend analysis, ratio analysis, or scenario modeling, we deliver accurate and meaningful insights to inform your strategic decision-making. Our expertise in financial analysis spans various areas, including profitability analysis, cash flow analysis, and investment evaluation.


Cash Flow and Liquidity Management

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs, including cash flow forecasting, working capital management, and liquidity analysis. By closely monitoring your cash inflows and outflows, we identify opportunities for improvement, implement strategies to mitigate risks and optimize your financial resources.


Board & Stakeholder Communication

We assist in crafting clear and concise financial reports, presentations, and updates that cater to the specific needs of your board members and stakeholders. Whether it’s providing financial insights, addressing concerns, or presenting growth strategies, we ensure your messages are impactful and well-received.


Audit Support and Preparation

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire audit journey, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards while minimizing disruption to your business operations.


Mergers and Acquisitions

From conducting due diligence and financial analysis to structuring deals and negotiating terms, we guide you every step of the way. We assess the financial viability of target companies, identify synergies, and develop strategic recommendations to maximize value and mitigate risks.


Fundraising & Due Diligence Support

We provide end-to-end support, from preparing financial projections and investor presentations to assisting with investor negotiations and compliance. Additionally, our due diligence services ensure that potential investors or partners have a thorough understanding of your business’s financial health and potential risks.


Cap Table Management

Our dedicated team understands the importance of accurate and up-to-date cap table management for tracking ownership, equity transactions, and investor relations. We provide comprehensive cap table services, including initial setup, maintenance, and updates as your company evolves.

Why Choose Vanreusel Ventures? Because We Focus on Outcomes :

  • Secure new funding and safeguard your cash flow immediately.
  • Identify opportunities and risks hidden within the numbers.
  • Provide you with granular data to make confident decisions.
  • Model your future spending to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Create accurate forecasts that inspire stakeholder confidence.
  • Implement cost control measures to protect your cash position.
  • Introduce tested systems and internal controls for scalable operations.
  • Assemble a competent finance team equipped with the skills you need for the future.

In essence, our goal is to prepare your business for the day you hire a full-time CFO. We aim to lay the foundations for scaling the business, giving you peace of mind.

Our Expert Partners

Need flexible financial modeling or forecast support?

We also offer flexible support on one-time projects like multi-year budgets, operating forecasts, cash flow statements, and advanced financial models. 

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