San Francisco based Corporate Finance, FP&A, Modeling, and Acting CFO team.

We lend explosive growth internationally and fortify strategic thinking towards an exit in the tech, space, and healthcare sectors.  We focus on creating a strong financial platform at the CFO level (M & A, FP&A, Fundraising, & Strategic Advisory). 

This means focusing on having correct accounting financials, forecasts, liquidity management, annual budgets, audit support, treasury management, capital raising support, and team hiring such that you will build an internal finance and accounting team that can take over when it’s time for us to hand over.

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We can help with:

  • Your strategy. We’ll act as your CFO until you bring in a full-time hire.
  • Your financial skills. Coaching you to manage and interpret the numbers.
  • Your challenges. Like raising capital or getting support in the board room.
  • Your finance team. Let’s identify the roles you need, and fill them.
  • Your international growth. We’ve taken clients into 19 countries. Are you next?


Why us?

We’re not the only finance people you’ll meet. And everyone is throwing around words like “growth”…“results”…“expansion”…so why should you work with us?\Well – clients will tell you, it’s our “way”:

  • The way we take ownership and responsibility.
  • The way we innovate and figure out solutions.
  • The way we act with integrity, putting our own interests second.
  • The way we take feedback, without getting defensive.
  • The way we mitigate risk…and regroup if a risk strategy backfires.
  • Basically, it’s about the way we get stuff done. Finding answers, and taking action without delay.

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“If finance hijacks all your time…if you’re losing control of the numbers…if you need funding or you’re planning for growth…let’s talk, and forge a new path.”

James Vanreusel |CEO and Founder | Vanreusel Ventures

Corporate Finance Packages

Pre-Series A
Scale By Numbers

Establish Infrastructure

Scale by Numbers helps young for-profit companies invest early in the financial infrastructure that will enable them to scale efficiently.

Funding Stage: Pre-Series A to Series B

Professionalize Infrastructure

Evolution helps growing for-profit companies professionalize their financial structures in anticipation of explosive growth.

Funding Stage: Any

Ad-Hoc Finance Projects

Milestone offers project-based corporate finance support for startups on the cusp of growth and expansion.

Funding Stage: Series B to Series D

Executive Partnership

Guardian lends executive partnership to fortify strategic thinking in for-profit companies experiencing explosive growth.

Funding Stage: Series C to Series E

Acting or Interim CFO

Vantage grants on-demand executive presence as interim or acting CFO for companies scaling to profitability.

Funding Stage: Series D to IPO

Exit Strategy

Liberty assumes responsibility for developing and pursuing an exit strategy for funded and scaling for-profits.

When you are ready, we have the resources to help

The #1 Key to a Thriving Business Book

If you are ready to get on top of the numbers and spend more time growing your business, request your Free copy of The #1 Key to a Thriving Business here.

Strength in Numbers Masterclass

This course is perfect for early-stage CEOs who need a self-directed guide to understand their company's financial well-being. View the Strength in Numbers course here.

The Complete Hiring Toolkit

Every company is searching for top-of-the-line candidates who fit seamlessly into their company mission and culture. The Complete Hiring Toolkit is a simple, comprehensive guide to separate the field and attract the standout candidate with an irresistible offer.

3-Month Accelerator Program for Start-Ups

Join the Scale by Numbers Accelerator program, and you will get access to our Corporate Finance team and exclusive start-up advisory program. We help young organizations work through 2-3 projects that have put a hard stop to their momentum. We will push past those obstacles in a structured manner using an action plan that will get results as fast as humanly possible.

Corporate Finance Advisory

When you engage with the Vanreusel Ventures corporate finance team in one of our roadmap programs, you will gain access to our Corporate Advisory services, bespoke resources, top-of-the-line vendors, and all of our courses and programs. We help growing nonprofit and for-profit companies take control of their financial platform and will guide you through your journey towards scalability