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James Vanreusel’s masterclass for early stage CEOs is a simple guide to reaching the first $1 Million…sustainably

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When you start a new business, finance will be a long way down your to-do list. No doubt, you’ll want to focus your time and energy on the things you know and enjoy, and leave the numbers for another day.

But even if finance feels like a chore, it can’t take second place. Because every day you run a business with a weak financial system, you’re storing up problems that will haunt you as the business grows…

Excessive costs…low profit margins…poor cashflow…the problems are endless

A weak system hampers you at every stage. From major steps like raising and spending capital to those small day-to-day tasks like invoicing and collections. Every wrong move has a direct impact on cashflow, investment and growth.

And it’s not a problem you can fix by simply adding new customers. Because every sale is pouring money into a broken system, where the bottom line is always lower than it should be.

We’ve seen too many early stage businesses held back, for want of a better system and a few essential skills. So we created this masterclass series for CEOs who want to take the mystery out of finance…


Strength in Numbers – your DIY Financial Toolkit

Over 6 steps, you’ll learn to see the story behind the numbers – to spot the risks and opportunities in every balance sheet, and every P&L.
Of course, like any program, you get out what you put in. But stay the course, and you’ll have the financial insight to raise new capital and make smart, informed decisions.

  • Create an effective budget, from a model that gives you liquidity… reflects where your business is going… and tells you exactly how much funding you’ll need at every turn
  • Build an accurate sales funnel, based on probability – not guesswork
  • Forecast your cash reserves for the end of each month… over the full year ahead
  • Raise more capital by talking to different types of investors – and giving them the specific information they need
  • Solve your pricing problems, in a way that keeps you competitive… and profitable
  • Incorporate CFO practices now – long before a CFO joins your team
  • Test your investments before you commit, with proven financial models
  • Scale your business without straining your financial system
  • Talk with confidence to investors and board members when they check in to see if you’ll be making your numbers

Strength in Numbers with James Vanreusel – at a Glance

Master the essentials with James – working at your own pace, over 6 one-hour modules in course form:

MODULE 1 – Know Your Numbers
Getting to grips with the principles, so you can leave the detail to others.

MODULE 2 – Cashflow
Protecting your reserves, to stay above the burn rate and extend the “cash runway”.

MODULE 3 & 4 – Management Accounting
How to read the big picture and see behind the numbers.

MODULE 5 – Financial Efficiency
The reports, KPIs and systems that keep your business on track.

MODULE 6 – Budgets and Forecasting
Demystifying the financial models that let you plan ahead.




Each module is critical in your financial development. So you’ll get lifetime access to the recordings, plus transcripts – all for a one-time investment of $197 – a fraction of James’ fee for one hour’s consulting.

Is this solution right for you?

You’re going to need Strength In Numbers if…

  • You’ve recently started a business (for profit or non-profit), with ambitions to scale
  • You find finance daunting, but you’re ready to take control of the numbers
  • You want to understand the key figures and how they affect your business
  • You want a financial system that protects your cash and lets you get paid faster
  • You want to grow to $1M+, without overspending and running out of cash
  • You want to know where you are financially, without getting tied to spreadsheets
  • You’ve got a life to live, and you’re working for the future you’ve always wanted
  • You spend every waking hour fretting over capital, fraud or insolvency

Time to plan with confidence–Get Started Today

Enroll in  the Strength in Numbers today for $197- and start to build a financial system that grows and scales with your business.