Scaling: so what now?

As your business goes into overdrive, we’re still here with flexible support whenever you need it

Let’s say you’ve expanded, and revenues are past $10M. Now you have the budget – and the workload – for a full-time CFO. Someone who’ll help you plan for exponential growth, by replicating the business or adding new profit centres.

So where do we fit in, as you become the business you were meant to be?

ANSWER: wherever you need that extra touch. Whether we’ve been part of your early journey or not, we’re with you now for the long haul.

From updating systems to courting investors…from M&A to IPO…we’re on top of every new challenge as it comes

For many, the first hurdle is finding a full-time CFO. Quality candidates are hard to find, especially in tech and on the west coast where demand is soaring. So we’ll stay on or step in, filling the CFO role until you can replace us.

Then there’s recruitment. We can help you find your new CFO, and build a whole team around them: identifying job roles, sourcing candidates, writing interview scripts…we’ll even handle induction and succession training, to develop your team for the future.

And if a key person leaves, we’ll help you replace them – while filling in so there’s no disruption.

But there’s more to this than bringing all your finance roles in-house. It’s about serving all your needs, as finances evolve – and that includes special projects that fall outside business as usual.

We have the team for any corporate finance project, in any for-profit business. You can ask us to:

  • Check your spending for inefficiencies, and tighten your controls.
  • Update your financial management processes and systems, so your team can work faster and get deeper into the numbers.
  • Improve your forecasting model, mixing historic data with new market analysis – so you can budget and plan resources with a high level of accuracy.
  • Take you through Series B or C funding: from gathering data and preparing your case for investment, to helping you secure capital from VCs and other backers.

And as the business scales higher, we’re still there. Ready to:

  • Guide your M&A strategy: identifying scope for synergies…exploring each opportunity…and modelling outcomes to strengthen your arm in negotiations.
  • Take you through IPO: working with you and your legal team to fix on a valuation, and hammer out a deal that gives you an epic payday!

Getting started

You’re already growing at breakneck speed. But could you grow faster? Or limit the risk? Let’s discuss your plans for scaling, and take away the barriers…