Improve your cashflow, raise your profits, secure new investment…to grow your business quickly, in a smart sustainable way

Growth is a balancing act. On the one hand, you’re raising finance and generating revenue, while on the other you’re controlling spend – protecting your cash reserves.

It’s a delicate stage, where one wrong move can devastate your business. All it takes is a run on costs or a cash-strapped supplier, and you’re in the red. Amassing debt.

Growing, yes. But “growing broke”!

If you’re building a business but new to finance, it’s a serious risk

Especially if you’re in that sensitive stage, the transition from start-up to growth mode – when inflow is weak or sporadic, but commitments are running high.

So what can you do, to offset the risk?

Put yourself in control. By developing your skills and knowledge, and building a system that gives you sovereignty over the numbers.

Of course, that’s easier said than done! Your investors will want you to spend on programs that deliver a fast ROI. But if this problem is left alone, you’ll be saddled with:

  • Weak financial controls – so money is poorly spent
  • A shortage of reliable data – so decisions are driven by instinct
  • A lack of expert analysis – so no-one spots room for improvement

Result: you’re spending more than you have to. Cash is always at risk. And future investors are nervous, because you can’t supply the evidence they need.

All of which threatens the next stage of your business plan.

And so it continues. Unless you break the cycle…

ACCELERATOR takes away the risk and keeps your business on track

Our new program is for CEOs of growing companies, ready to make the first or second million and push on towards eight figures. By mastering the essentials and building new finance systems.

Just work with us over 3-6 months, and we’ll help you steer the course.

You don’t need a “natural head for figures”. All you need is some coaching and guidance, from a finance expert: someone who knows the challenges of growth, and how to balance the long and short term needs of your business.

It starts with a diagnostic, where we’ll dig into these essentials:

  • SYSTEMS: how do you manage finance, including reports and analysis?
  • PEOPLE: where are the skill gaps in your finance team?
  • CONTROLS: how do you limit spending, without slowing the business?
  • GOALS: what are your plans for expansion, and what needs to happen?
  • CAPITAL: how do you identify – and pitch to – new investors?
  • SALES: are you improving performance, to maximise future results?

We’ll answer these questions and work with you to devise a plan. Then every month, we’ll check in with you to map your progress, work through problems, and offer added support.

All for a manageable fee, that we can reduce if you’d prefer to share equity.

ACCELERATOR is not the usual hands-off “mentoring” program

The finance world has let down growing businesses for years. Support is typically just a quarterly catch-up, where only burning issues are dealt with. The finer details and micro problems always get pushed aside.

ACCELERATOR is more intensive. Designed to fast-track your financial skills, with a personal development plan that’s built around your knowledge, your resources and your goals – coupled with the level of support you’re going to need.

So you can do in 3-6 months what most would do in 12.

Is this solution right for you?

You should consider the ACCELERATOR Program if…

  • You’re the CEO of a growing for-profit business, with financial headaches.
  • You’re spending too much, and banking too little – so big problems ahead.
  • You need to raise new capital, but your case is short on evidence.
  • You’re forced to make decisions before you can model the outcome.
  • You haven’t improved your financial system, because of other priorities.
  • You worry that growth will trigger a spate of new financial problems.
  • You only see numbers on a spreadsheet – not the story behind them.
  • You know profits and investment will suffer if nothing changes.
  • You’re prepared to commit to a 3-6 month program, and do what’s necessary.
  • You’re open to sharing equity, if it helps you meet and exceed your goals.

Getting started

If this sounds like you, the next step is an informal chat: a chance for us both to weigh things up and decide what happens next.