Choose the right accountant, with The Complete Hiring Toolkit

Simple, comprehensive steps to separate the field and attract the standout candidate with an irresistible offer.  

Excessive costs…low profit margins…poor cashflow…the problems are endless.  Every business needs a quality accountant. Even during the start-up phase, it’s a service you can’t do without.

Some might tell you to save a few cents by doing it yourself, or by asking a bookkeeper to do an accountant’s job. But if you cut those corners now, you’ll only store up problems for the future. Your books will be in disarray…you’ll overpay taxes…you’ll lose the confidence of potential investors. It’s a price you don’t want to pay.

But how do you find the right candidate?

There’s no shortage of qualified accountants. If all you care about is technical skill, you could post an ad and appoint the first applicant to produce a certificate!

But technical skill – their training and know-how – is only their ticket of entry.

You want to know how they’ll apply their accounting skills in testing situations. How they’ll gel with your team, and communicate with your board and investors. It’s about their demeanour and attitude.   That’s going to take a comprehensive search, and some pressing questions: a whole process that lets you scan the field quickly, find the promising few and secure the hire you want before they’re snapped up by another.

It’s not a process you can leave to chance. Especially if you’re not familiar with the ways of accounting. So here’s something to get you through the hiring maze…

Finding an Accountant You Can Trust: The Complete Hiring Toolkit

In this simple step-by-step guide, James Vanreusel walks you through his personal hiring system with all the questions, checks and balances he’s developed over the years.  It’s the exact same system he uses for corporate clients, when hiring accounting staff in his role as CFO.

Follow the 7 essential steps, and you’ll be able to:

  • Attract a field of suitable candidates by writing a detailed job spec with crystal clear requirements
  • Produce your “long list” of potentials by scoring candidates objectively – and quickly
  • Grill candidates before the interview and use their answers to trim the list – so you only spend time with the best of the best
  • Eliminate systematically through James’s 3-stage interview process (all questions and valid answers supplied)
  • Test their knowledge, values, and problem solving: The Ultimate Accounting Test
  • Check their complementary skills like teamwork and communication
  • Score your interviews to weigh up every candidate’s pros and cons, so you can base your decision on metrics as well as instinct
  • Create a compensation package to attract your preferred hire – and make extra concessions if they end up torn between offers

Your Hiring Toolkit – at a Glance

packed with everything you need:

STEP 1 – The Job Description
Three templates setting out the job role, skills, outcomes and other criteria.

STEP 2 – The CV Scorecard
The first stage of elimination, using 8 key metrics to whittle down the list.

STEP 3 – The Pre-Interview Questionnaire
Half a dozen questions to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

STEP 4 – The Ultimate Accounting Test
Questions that will split the pack during the interview stage.

STEP 5 – 3-Stage Interviews
The 3-Stage Interview Technique that makes sure no stone is unturned

STEP 6 – The Interview Scorecard
Rate the final candidates on technical skill, values, communication and more.

STEP 7 – The All-Important Offer
Creating the package, employment contract and induction materials.

BONUS STEP – Reference Checks Going beyond the simple task of calling old employers.

Work through the system and you’ll quickly weed out all but the best in the field, and find the one person who’s fit to grow with your business.

All this for a one-time investment of $47.


Is this toolkit right for you?

You’re going to need The Complete Hiring Toolkit if…

  • You’re getting by without an accountant: situation critical!
  • Your accountant isn’t making the grade, and you’ll soon be parting company
  • You don’t want to shell out on recruitment fees – you’d sooner find your own hire
  • You’re not a finance person, so don’t know which questions to ask – or how to interpret the answers
  • You worry that the wrong decision now could cause ripples long into the future
  • You want to be methodical, but all you have right now is instinct
  • You’d value a process you can build into the business, to repeat or adapt for other financial hires.
  • And you want an objective measure to prove all qualified candidates are given an equal chance

Getting started

If this describes you, click below and get started today for $47. You’ll have full access in just a few minutes – and your job description could be ready within the hour.