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πŸ’‘WHO WAS OUR GUEST: Francesca Puccinelli | Partnerships | Carta 

πŸ’‘HOW TO CONTACT CARTA Website | LinkedIn

πŸ’‘WHO IS CARTA AND WHAT DO THEY DO: Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, 409A valuations, investments opportunities, and equity plans. Within one platform Carta offers everything needed to manage equity, in real time from Cap table management, 409A valuations, and Liquidity assistance. They offer plans that will grow with founders from start-up to IPO and beyond.

πŸ’‘WHY USE CARTA: The common theme for the members of our Start-Up Stack is that founders need one source of truth for all of the functions within their business.  Equity is complex, and ever changing and Carta has become the truth center for founders and their cap tables.  The Carta platform automatically keeps cap tables up to date with little effort.  They ensure compliance and allow shareholders to accept and access liquidity easily.

πŸ’‘WHAT MAKES CARTA SPECIAL: Carta is special because they are a network company.  Cartas mission is to ” create more owners, and equity for all.” Carta focus solely on understanding the complexities of equity and automating how founders and their teams manage it. The Carta internal team, and customer service team are client focused 100% of the time, and Carta has become is extremely agile in understanding the nuances of equity in an ever changing market.

 πŸ’‘WHAT IS NEW FOR CARTACarta recently launched a new product called Carta X. CartaX essentially allows companies, employees and investors to access liquidity without waiting to go public.

 πŸ’‘WHAT PROBLEM DOES CARTA X SOLVE: Companies are staying private longer.  Previously this was an issue for private companies because  shareholders were not able to access  liquidity without the company going public, and companies were forced to choose. With Carta X , later stage companies can now open and offer liquidity to all shareholders (including employees) without waiting to go public.  Companies are able to handpick who will be on their cap table. Founders can optimizes their portfolio and expand their investment opportunities, and employees who join Carta X will be able to access their liquidity within the company and diversify their portfolios sooner.  

πŸš€HOW CAN CARTA HELP YOU YOUR BUSINESS SCALECarta will scale with a company. They offer free cap table plans for those who are just getting started, plans when you are IPO ready with advanced equity management and features and service to prepare you for liquidity, M & A, and IPO. And, of course, for the late-stage private company, they now have CartaX.  Carta is consistently improving their products that answers every equity based pain point. (cap table management, 409A valuations, investors, shareholder liquidity). They are a network company, and will continue to expand their reach and offer diverse benefits to shareholders and optimize equity management in a way that others cannot do.  


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