Kim Gonzalez

Operations Manager


Kim lives and works on the East Coast, and serves as the Operations Manager for Vanreusel Ventures. Kim is a problem-solver and acts as James’ eyes and ears.  She’s here to keep the business running smoothly and get to grips with challenges wherever they arise. 

Kim has expanded her expertise over the last 10 years, while working and growing in administrative and human resource roles.  In 2017, Kim began working with James, just as the Vanreusel team was expanding. In a diverse role, she found herself supporting admin through HR and payroll, and growth via marketing and business development. Today, she’s leading projects and spearheading change…helping James in a wide capacity, to reshape the business.    

Like all working moms, Kim doesn’t get a whole lot of downtime. In those rare moments, you’ll find her immersed in arts and crafts and chasing after her young son. But she never switches off completely! Whatever she’s doing, whatever the hour, the latest challenge is churning over in her mind.

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