Episode 19 |The first 90 days for a CFO|#Ask A CFO


Ask a CFO Weekly Q & A Series

Episode 19: The First 90 days of a CFO during a new engagement

The #AskaCFO series is a weekly Q & A with CFO James Vanreusel.  James answers questions ranging from  corporate finance,  FP& A, Investor Relations, Professional Development, Business Growth, Fundraising, M& A, and more

Vanreusel Ventures helps young companies invest early in the financial infrastructure that will enable them to scale efficiently.

Start-ups are scrappy. Rightfully so because that “whatever it takes” attitude is crucial to success. In this business stage, it is easy to overlook the importance of establishing internal financial discipline from the get-go. Or maybe it just seems impossible since hiring your own CFO is currently out of reach.

Either way, when you don’t prioritize financial discipline, you are limiting your growth potential.

What if you could keep the start-up attitude but adopt the financial practices of a much larger, well-oiled company?

What if you could bring in business without every new client or project wreaking havoc on your internal operations?

We have developed a due diligence process to quickly assess how well a company sets itself up for future growth, so that we can make the most out of our first 90 days with you.  As soon as we engage with a new client, we move fast.  We take that assessment and use it to inform CEOs of any operational pitfalls and the best ways to address them. It will give you the financial awareness essential to launching growth effectively.

We tackle the big rocks, the items that are holding back growth and focus hard on them.  Creating momentum is key.   

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