Episode 10: Evaluating the “whys” when changing vendors


In Episode 10 of #ASKaCFO James Vanreusel discusses more corporate finance questions focusing this week on what to do when you need to change vendors

Vendors and service providers should fix problems, not create them.  When thinking about whether a switch is the right move, the first questions you should ask your self is will someone else do it better, faster, and fit within the company culture. 

Every start-up and growing CEO needs trusted resources at their fingertips.  When engaging a new client we perform a gaps exercise and put together an action plan as to how best to close those gaps. Where Vanreusel Ventures cannot fill those gaps, we rely on our partners to do it for us.  Here is a list of service providers, and software’s that use at Vanreusel Ventures, and the Start-Up Stack we recommend to our clients when we onboard with them.

View Vanreusel Ventures Startup Stack here

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