What Venture Studios Can Do For You? – A Conversation with Jake Hurwitz of Gallery Partners.

Venture Capital Studios are a rather new way to tackle the sticky situation around funding. Learn from someone with major studio experience on how it differs from other forms of funding. 

Jake Hurwitz started his first company at 8 years old, a skateboard repair company. It failed miserably. But at 18 he started a design agency and made his way into the venture studio space in 2017. In 2018 he started the Global Startup Studio Network, which later sold to the Global Accelerator Network. 

He now consults with about 120 studios around the world with Gallery Partners. He’s here to teach us all a lot about the venture studio space, and why it has changed SO much in the past 6 months alone. 

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The kind of avatar venture studios target
  • Why should you look at a studio? 
  • Studios VS Accelerators.
  • Where to go if you’re starting from scratch.
  • How much equity studios take in a company.
  • How much studios can provide in terms of support and funding?
  • If studios are just another trend.
  • Why “studio” is such a polarizing word.
  • How the venture world has changed post-covid.
  • Why geography matters so much in the venture capital world.
  • What role crypto plays in the studio world.
  • How community affects venture capital.
  • How to build a community and why it’s SO important.
  • How to avoid all the crap in the market.
  • Why you should build a community first, and a product second.
  • Why breaking down barriers and building trust is so important.
  • How NFTs and Tokens can be adopted by organizers, and their place in the future of VC. 


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