Scale By Numbers| Episode 9 | Craig Zingerline | Founder Growth University

💡WHO WAS OUR GUEST: Craig Zingerline | Founder of Growth University

💡WHAT IS GROWTH UNIVERSITY? Growth University was developed to offer founders the strategy and the playbook needed to make it through the startup stage and eventually scale. This is a live cohort-based program that teaches founders to ” go after customers holistically.” Growth University offers hundreds of hours of courses, masterclasses, and resources that “focus on actionable skills that can be implemented right away and have been tried and tested to help your company grow.”

💡BE WILLING TO EXPERIMENT:  Experimenting  allow you to nail down your process organically, know where your customers are and, most importantly, where they are not. When you are just starting a company, you don’t have a customer base, so making more personal relationships with your customers is essential.  Once you start gaining traction and doing something that works, you can then ” rinse and repeat” to gain more customers. The early stages of demand are critical. You must learn quickly and early what works and what doesn’t work. 

💡FINDING YOUR CUSTOMERS: As a founder, you need to recognize the sequence of growth. A founder needs to be self-reflective and ask themselves, “what are my strengths and weaknesses” in the relevancy of the content shared with customers. It is essential to find the proper channels for your specific audience because not all channels are created equal, and what works for one will be different for another. You have to find out if your audience has low intent or high intent. If you have some high intent customers willing to buy your product and interact with your content, you have to find out what is working for them. The hard part is figuring out how to convert the low intent customers to have a higher intention with your content.

🚀HOW CAN GROWTH UNIVERSITY HELP STARTUPS SCALE: Craig helps founders with product-market fit and understanding the market they are in, getting the first bit of traction, and acquiring the first few customers. Growth University has courses that support many other areas of marketing (Facebook ads, Google Ads, Social Media engagement, Finding initial customers) to continue the momentum and move your company to the next stage-and ultimately scale.

💡HOW TO CONTACT CRAIG:  Website LinkedIn 


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