Scale By Numbers| Episode 7: Joe DeLucchi| Cal Insurance

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💡WHO WAS OUR GUEST:  Joe DeLucchi | President and CEO of CAL Insurance

💡WHAT IS CALS SPECIALITY?  Cal puts together structured insurance programs for businesses, schools, nonprofits, real estate investment groups, and successful individuals and successful families across the United States. They are business insurance advisors. They will help founders learn precisely what they need to cover their business and then go to bat for them and make sure they have the best insurance packages and coverages to mitigate risk.

💡DO START-UPS NEED AN INSURANCE ADVISOR: Yes! Insurance is very complex. The policies are created and written by lawyers and can be very difficult to translate. Without having someone on your side checking the boxes, there could be exclusions in your policies that you may not have known were there. No insurance is the same, and the complexities and hidden exclusions are embedded in the language. CALs goal is to explain their policies in precise terms and ensure that each of their clients has the suitable packages to fit their company RIGHT NOW. 

🚀HOW CAN CAL INSURANCE HELP START-UPS SCALE:   CAL creates policies that protect a company from risk. Like other members of our start-up stack, CALs goal is mitigating risk for their clients. The most valuable thing that a founder can do is to get their insurance coverages right from the beginning. Cal focuses on the transactional side of insurances, they are advisors. They help you choose based on your needs, and goals. As advisors, they take a complete overview of the corporation, the business, the founder’s goals, analyze where they are and where they are going, and create a “meaningful insurance program” to fit them perfectly. 

💡WHAT INSURANCE PACKAGES DOES A STARTUP NEED: Joe suggests that founders should always be involved in the process of finding the correct insurances for their business –from the start. Why? Because who knows the business better than the founder! Joe was kind enough to go into deep detail in this episode and discuss the ideal coverages that are best for growing businesses.  

  • Workers Compensation–In every state you registered in
  • D& O Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Errors and Omissions

💡NEED AN INSURANCE ADVISOR?  Of course you do! Reach out to the CAL team here. You will not regret it.

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