Scale By Numbers| Episode 6: Allen Goh| Baker Tilly

Scale By Numbers Podcast

💡WHO WAS OUR GUEST: Allen Goh | BakerTilly 

💡ABOUT OUR GUEST: Allen offers clients more than 20 years of public accounting and audit experience. He leads several audit, review, and other attestation engagements for publicly traded and privately held corporations. Notably, Allen offers significant expertise working with clients involved in the technology industry. He drives values for his clients by understanding their needs and leveraging his experience, key contacts, and other services.

💡Allen’s Expertise:  Allen is in charge of the National Technology Industry practice lead for BakerTilly, which leaves him in charge of all the marketing and strategic direction relating to all the firm’s initiatives relating to technology companies’ technology. He specializes in high-growth technology companies. Allen shares that BakerTilly’s primary specialty is software and software as a service but is quickly growing in eSports and gaming industries. 

  • Leads going public/initial public offering engagements 
  • Develops and presents audit findings to senior management and makes recommendations to improve effectiveness and efficiency 
  • Holds multiple engineering and technology systems certifications 

💡WHO IS BAKERTILLY? BakerTilly is an international Tax, Accounting, Assurance, Audits, and CPA consulting firm–and considered the 12th largest firm in the United States. They have been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” for women and considered the 10th largest accounting firm worldwide. Most recently, they are listed as one of Forbes largest employers in 2021.

If you are starting and looking for your first accountant, BakerTilly can help with that. As mentioned, they are an international tax and accounting firm with hundreds of CPAs ready to support. Maybe you are growing and are looking to upgrade your tax services–they can do that. Perhaps you are scaling and preparing to prove assurance to your investors with an audit. Yup. They can do that as well. 

🚀HOW CAN BAKERTILLY HELP COMPANIES SCALE:  One of the most common themes of the Scale by Numbers series is the AUDIT! On top of the many top-notch services that BakerTilly offers, Vanreusel Ventures has direct experience working with them on client audits. Audits can help a company grow quickly. Audits allow companies to raise money, show investors they are ready for growth, prove themselves to stakeholders, and get ready for explosive growth.

BakerTilly uses its internal audits to focus on ” strengthening an organization’s risk management and compliance,” “mitigate the risks affecting the organization,” and ” provide proof that an organization is moving in the right direction based on their goals.”


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