Scale By Numbers| Episode 4: Jon Osterburg | Jitasa Non-Profit Accounting |VP of Sales and Marketing

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💡WHO WAS OUR GUEST: Jon Osterburg | VP of Sales and Marketing | Jitasa | Non-Profit Accounting Firm

💡HOW TO CONTACT JITASA:  Website | LinkedIn

💡WHO IS JITASA AND WHAT DO THEY DO:  Jitasa is the largest national, non-profit dedicated accounting firm. They do not work with any other organizations–just non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations require a specific style of support and accountants with a particular type of training and non-profit accounting skills compared to different sets of clients.

💡WHY DOES JITASA FOCUS ON NON-PROFIT ACCOUNTING: Many larger or regional firms will work with non-profits, as well as other types of clients. But what ends up happening is the different sets of clients may become more profitable. Over time, the non-profit organizations will become underserved and will not be looked after and initially did.   


  • Conscientious.  We believe in the business of doing good, it’s our principled passion. That means our daily lives are governed by our sense of what’s right. We are conscientious to those around us – our cube mates, our bosses, our clients, and our suppliers.
  •  Disciplined. We believe that enabling others to do good means being smart and realistic about what you can do today, tomorrow, and the future. It means planning. It means knowing exactly where you stand and what lies ahead.
  • Gracious. We believe in order to do good, you have to accept people as they are. We maintain grace with ourselves, our clients, and those around us. We recognize the good in everyone, support our community, and pay attention to each other.

💡WHAT MAKES JITASA SPECIAL:  Jitasa is 100% outsourced, and remote so they do not ever get to meet their clients. They build a personal rapport with their clients but set clear expectations from the beginning of the engagement–it’s the number one priority for both the sales team and the accounting team.

🚀HOW CAN JITASA HELP YOU YOUR NON PROFIT AS YOU SCALE: Each organization’s needs are unique. Jitasa creates custom proposals for every organization based on their specific needs–they can “slice and dice” any service needed. This is very important for non-profit organizations because each organization has particular complexities, and the “one size fits all” approach will not work. As the organizations grow, they can slowly add on services around their needs to ensure all gaps are filled. 

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