Scale By Numbers| Episode 10| Tim Kachuriak | NextAfter

E10: Scale by Numbers Podcast 

Guest: Tim Kachuriak| Chief Innovation Officer | NextAfter 

Topic: What moves and inspires people to donate

πŸ’‘ Who is NextAfter? They have a simple yet extensive mission. They focus on learning how to maximize digital fundraising for Non-Profits, understanding what inspires people to give, and teach non-profits how to experiment to run campaigns from the donors’ point of view.

πŸ’‘What is the donor’s journey? NextAfter supports Non-profits by providing a gap analysis of non-profit organizations from the donors’ point of view. Non Profits must understand one thing “what inspires others to give.” NextAfter gathers data from non-profit donation funnels and then runs actual scientific experiments and tests to figure out what works. They use forensic research to analyze large amounts of data in the non-profit sector. They are searching for patterns that lead to opportunities that lead to greater digital fundraising performance. 

πŸ’‘How do they help Non-Profits? NextAfter learns how people give, and then they perfect the non-profits’ fundraising efforts to maximize their donations. They have run over 2,700 online fundraising experiments and discovered that the more you humanize communications with donors, the more effective and successful your fundraising would be. A huge part of fundraising is giving donors a sense of community. People give to people, not to websites, making as many human-to-human interactions throughout the timeline of becoming a donor. It should feel like you are part of a club by giving the organization a sense of community.

πŸ’‘Do you know what moves people to give? To get into the heart and soul of what drives people to give to an organization, you must answer these three questions. 

  1. What is your appeal?
  2. Is your value proposition exclusive and unique to the organization?
  3. Is your value proposition being communicated clearly-is it credible?

πŸ’‘Noteworthy Advice:

-Foster a culture of innovations and testing

-Create space for people in your organization to take risks, 

πŸ’‘When should a non-profit reach out to NextAfter: Right away! If you have unsuccessful fundraising attempts and have not figured out what went wrong, they can tell you, guide you and help you through the process. They offer many free resources on their website, not to mention years of research and results to help optimize non-profits’ fundraising efforts. 

πŸ’‘How to reach out to NextAfter? LinkedIn | Website 


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