The High Impact and Potential of Venture Philanthropy

The Overview

How to find investment opportunities? How to prepare for an investment? What are the barriers to growth and how do you scale?

In this episode of Scale By Numbers, we are excited to talk with Robin Bruce, president of the Dovetail Impact Foundation, where the team invests their time, treasure, and talent into organizations that promote human flourishing. They have supported numerous causes and organizations for over 25 years and have plentiful experience funding and scaling organizations.

Robin explains the foundation’s investment model and how she applies it to achieve sustainable partnerships, giving insight into the growth indicators her team looks for before investing in a business, such as their vision, budget and projections, and more.

She also describes how they often have to dig deeper than the surface level before understanding all sides of a business. She discusses some internal choices they make to ensure they don’t have to interfere with an organization’s mission as a financial investor. 


The Highlights:

  • What is impact investing vs. social impact funding?
  • Preparing your business for scale & managing a budget.
  • Expansion opportunities and blockages to growth.
  • Business models that have evolved over the past 5 years.
  • Determining high potential investment opportunities
  • Keeping up with the budget, financial analysis, and projections.
  • How to get involved with impact investments?

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