Investing in the New Frontier of Space Connectivity

Investing in the New Frontier of Space Connectivity with Katherine Monson

Have you ever wondered how private businesses operate in space? It’s difficult to comprehend the technological advancements and innovations in commercial space industries that can truly benefit humans on Earth!

In this episode of Scale by Numbers, we speak with Katherine Monson, the Chief Operating Officer for Hedron, who is working on communications infrastructure in space. Hedron is an aerospace company that is developing a hybrid RF and optical relay network in order to improve communication between space and Earth.

It’s fascinating to hear Katherine speak about the different layers of the space industry and how Hedron is trying to create faster connectivity between space and earth with lasers! 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How businesses operate in space
  • The different types of companies in space
  • How important the commercial space sector is
  • What fundraising is like for space startups
  • How the space industry differs from 10 years ago
  • The unique ecosystem in the space industry
  • Whether or not governments control business operations
  • The problems that Hedron is trying to solve

Key Takeaways

  1. How beneficial the space industry is to people here on earth
  2. The new innovations that are revolutionizing the space industry
  3. The logistics of operating a business in space

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