Getting Real about Market Psychology with Daily Dirt Nap creator Jared Dillian

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Running a company is just about the most difficult thing you can do. So when we get a hold of someone who has done the work and knows what it takes, we listen. 

Jared Dillian is an author, the creator of the Daily Dirtnap, and the host of The Jared Dillian Show and ‘Be Smart” Podcast. He is here to join us as we talk about market psychology, from creating your own luck to what it takes to run a podcast.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create a niche for yourself
  • The ins and outs of the recession narrative
  • How a CEO should think about the current market with inflation
  • What younger entrepreneurs should know about risk-taking
  • How your comfort zone can differ and how it comes into play when running a company
  • The top 3 most interesting people Jared has interviewed
  • What bonds look like these days
  • Chances of a recession on the horizon
  • How to build a strong inner circle

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