Deep Dive into productivity, goal setting and living the Full Focus “Double-Win.”

The Overview

Do you struggle to find a balance between your work and personal life? Do you find yourself up at 3 am thinking about tomorrow’s tasks? You do not need to sacrifice your personal life for career success – you need to plan strategically and more effectively! 

In this episode of Scale by Numbers, we talk with Blake Stratton, a business consultant at Full Focus, a performance coaching company that has worked with nearly 1000 businesses. Full Focus helps businesses build strategies for their companies to succeed and aims to help its clients find peace between their work and home lives. They call this the double win – “helping high achievers live their best lives.”

Blake gives insight into their strategies to keep this balance by aligning your goals into daily tasks. We discover the importance of using a planner efficiently, creating a positive work environment, finding pain points and opportunities in your business, and much more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find out who your audience is.
  • How to narrow your focus on your most important goals.
  • How to plan your workdays efficiently.
  • How to find the perfect work/life balance.
  • How you can reduce your business costs.
  • How to keep motivated and stay productive.
  • How you can learn from other businesses mistakes.
  • How to create a great work culture within your business.
  • How you can benefit from having a coach.

Key Takeaway

Blake said, you don’t get extra credit for going it alone, you don’t get extra credit for trial and error, you don’t get extra credit, because you said it, I did this without having to ask anyone for help. There are no bragging rights, it’s overrated.
That statement really encompasses his philosophy, but also the company that he works with that if you need help there is so much help out there.  Whether it’s different courses, mentors, or professional business coaches.  When you need that help to accelerate your personal development or business growth, dont wait.  You dont want to become the lid on your company’s growth



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