Benefits of Building a Strong Relationship with Your Start-Up Bank

Scale By Numbers with Kelly Caviglia, Vice President of Start Up Banking 

In today’s discussion, we take a deep dive into banking with Kelly Caviglia, who focuses on supporting startups and creating relationships with early-stage founders at Bridge Bank, a division of Western Alliance Bank, Member FDIC.

What are the essential factors you should look at before selecting a bank? What pain points can a startup-focused bank solve? How do you build a relationship with your bank? 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Finding the right bank for your startup. 
  • Getting venture debt or investor capital from banks. 
  • What a first-time founder should be looking for in a bank. 
  • How a startup-focused bank can solve many pain points. 
  • How to develop a relationship and partnership with your bank.

Key Takeaways

Choosing a bank is a critical decision for any startup. If you are a seed stage, or series A or B, you should look for a friendly bank that works specifically with startups, such as Bridge Bank.

The ecosystem and partnerships that these banks have can be significant. It’s essential to evaluate the relationships a bank has with other software vendors, startup credit cards, and capital investors for when your business needs to scale.

How quickly can you get funds from your bank? It depends on the type of bank and what relationship you have with them. Kelly loves getting to know her clients better and gives founders her phone number so they can get in touch with her right away, so founders can move very quickly with their funding or underwriting at Bridge Bank.

To get started or learn more about how Kelly can help you and your start up, click here


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