8 ways nutrition coach Kassandra Hobart teaches business owners to “maximize their health lifespan.”

What does it take to win as a business owner? Education? Experience? Funding? Yes, Yes, and Yes. 

You can have all of those things but still struggle with focus, exhaustion, mental health, and physical health issues. As business owners, we are nothing without a focused mind and healthy body.   How can we access the winning state of mind and maintain it? A healthy body, a healthy mindset. Listen as we discuss some best tools to perform better mentally.

In this episode of Scale By Numbers, we are going to take a deep dive into how YOU can set yourself up for success by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle.  We will dig into how investors look at a startup business and CEO mindset, and what it takes to keep your body strong and mind sharp even during the most stressful times. 

Today our special guest is Kassandra Hobart, she is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (aka Nutrition Coach) providing expertise on overall health and wellness to business owners. Kassandra is a partner at M2 Performance Nutrition with former experience in banking and if that wasn’t enough, a former Crossfit Games athlete.  Outside of being a busy nutrition coach, she is also currently working on a project called OMMYX whose mission is to “radically increase people’s healthspan by developing frameworks for a functional lifestyle.” 

What you will learn in this episode: 

  • Tips on how to properly feed your body and feed your mind. 
  • What is a winning mindset and what are the tools to obtain it?
  • How to increase longevity in overall health and wellness.
  • How a healthy mindset relates to your business. 
  • The importance of nutritional value. 
  • How sports and business are similar. 
  • How being an athlete is similar to that of a business professional. 
  • How a healthy mind relates to healthy business success.

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