Build on your success with FOUNDATIONS

Post start-up mentoring for the non-profit CEO who needs to raise more capital and plan for maximum impact

Let’s assume you’ve run your first program, and your concept is proven – if only through a small, local pilot. So you’re ready to review now, and reflect on these critical questions:

How much are you spending per impact? And could you make the same impact for less – now, before expansion brings economies of scale?

You’ll need to answer with certainty, in order to refine – and optimise – your impact model. However, at this early stage, the answers may be hard to come by…

So why the lack of clarity?

When early non-profits struggle to see beyond the numbers, two common reasons stand out:

1: Limited capital. Non-profits rarely have the tools or expertise to manage their numbers with the flair of a for-profit business.

2: Priorities. It’s hard to justify investment in finance people and systems, when urgent impact programs are competing for budget.

The upshot being, finance will too often take a back seat. Understandably, perhaps – but not without consequence. Such as:

  • Weak financial controls, that lead to inefficient spending
  • A shortage of reliable data, forcing CEOs into instinctive decisions
  • A lack of expert analysis, so risks and opportunities go unnoticed

All of which keeps the cost of impact artificially high. While future impact is at risk, because no-one can produce an evidence-based case for fundraising.

It begs the question, how can you break the cycle…and increase your impact?

Master the Foundations in the next 3-6 Months

You don’t have to be a “natural” numbers person. Anyone with the talent and drive to grow a non-profit can learn a system, and start to make more informed decisions.

All you need is some coaching and guidance, from a finance expert – someone who knows the challenges of the sector, and how to balance the mission with the needs of the business.

It begins with a diagnostic, where we’ll delve into these essentials:

  • FUNDRAISING: how do you identify future donors, and make your case for support?
  • PEOPLE: does your team have the skills to make – and carry out – decisions?
  • SYSTEMS: how do you manage finances, including reports and analysis?
  • CONTROLS: is finance geared up to keep pace as the business expands?
  • M&E: are you improving performance, to maximise future impact?

We’ll answer these questions and devise a plan together. Then we’ll check in every month to map your progress, work through challenges and offer added support if you need it. All for a manageable fee.

Raising the bar for non-profit mentors

It can’t be denied – finance mentoring for non-profits is notoriously weak. Mostly, support is nothing more than a brief quarterly meeting, where only the most pressing concerns are given bandwidth. There’s no capacity for tackling the more deep-seated problems.

FOUNDATIONS is more intensive. We’ve designed it to fast-track your financial skills, with a personal development plan that’s built around your knowledge, resources and impact goals – coupled with the precise level of support you’ll require.

So you can achieve in 3-6 months what most would manage in 12.

Is this solution right for you?

You should consider the FOUNDATIONS Program if…

  • You’re the CEO of an early stage non-profit, with financial headaches.
  • You know there’s scope to reduce your spending, and the cost of impact.
  • You need to raise new funds urgently, but your case is short on evidence.
  • You’re forced to make decisions before you can model the outcome.
  • You haven’t invested in finance, because of other priorities.
  • You worry that growth will trigger a spate of new financial problems.
  • You only see numbers on a spreadsheet – not the story behind them.
  • You know that poor financial management will compromise future impact.
  • You’re prepared to commit to a 3-6 month program, and ring the necessary changes.

First Steps

If this describes you, the next step is an informal chat: a chance for us both to weigh things up and decide what happens next.