From Start Up to $1 Million

Let’s get your new business out of the starting blocks, towards the 7-figure mark, through a mix of learning and professional support

Imagine two entrepreneurs, side by side in a business incubator. Imagine they both have talent, both have great ideas, and they’ll both work every waking hour to make their new business succeed.

So they have equal potential, right there at the start.

Now jump ahead 5 years. Imagine now that both have grown fast, with annual revenues well past the million mark. But while one is heading towards 8 figures, the other is standing still – unable to grow, no matter how many customers come through the door.

Why do some companies stall?

You’ve probably seen this for real. Some new ventures fly off and reach their potential quickly, while others can’t make the leap into the upper ranks – even when they’re selling hard and keeping busy.

Why does it happen?

It comes down to finance: the knowledge, people and systems that control the numbers flowing in and out of the business.

Look at any struggling 5-year-old business and you’ll see, their financial management has been holding them back. They’ll be battling with:

  • Weak financial controls that lead to overspending.
  • Limited insight: no real sense of where the business is heading
  • Lack of expertise or guidance on how to turn things around.
  • Inadequate data, so decisions are based on a few basic numbers.
  • Low capital, because poor forecasting alienates investors.
  • Limited growth, because excessive costs put a squeeze on margins.

These are problems that could have been corrected back at the start. If only they’d followed CFO principles from day one – putting their business on a solid financial footing, before bad habits and weak systems sent them off in the wrong direction.

Every day, new start-ups get caught in this tangled web. But nothing is pre-ordained – you can avoid it, by taking control of finance now.

Vanreusel’s Start-Up package gives you all the tools for success

There’s no escaping it – you need to be on top of the numbers. And you need a professional team behind you, to take care of the finer details.

So we’re offering the best of both, in a unique – affordable – package we’ve devised exclusively for start-ups.

You don’t need to be a CFO-level expert. But you do need to know how to read and interpret a balance sheet. How to plan and control your spending. How to court investors and convince them you’re a safe pair of hands.

So if you’re new to finance, there’s a learning curve ahead.

Can you master all this with your own research? Perhaps. But there’s so much bad advice out there – some of it outdated, some of it just plain wrong. So reading around the subject could easily send you down the wrong rabbit hole.

That’s why we’ve put together our own program, Strength In Numbers, to give you all the essentials – without the usual smoke and mirrors that make finance such a mystery.

Over 6 x 1-hour teleclasses, the program takes you through cashflow, management accounting, budgets, forecasting and more – showing you how to reach your goals sustainably and avoid the pitfalls of growth.

You’ll have access to this, and other learning materials, when you work with our start-up team.

You’re learning the ropes, but that doesn’t mean you should manage every inch of your finances. Even here at the start, you’ll need an expert taking care of books and payroll, and helping you to set your budget.

So we’ll take care of all this for you, through our accounting partner. And bring in a CFO from the Vanreusel team to look over your plans and feed back with a frank financial overview.

Then you can pursue your goals, knowing your finances are on solid ground. And as the business grows…as your needs change…we’ll adapt our service: offering more hands-on support, and one-to-one coaching too.

Building on solid foundations

We can’t earn that first million for you – but we can partner with you, from the outset. So your plans are steady, your numbers are managed, and you’re creating a system that will grow and scale with the business.

If you agree that’s an edge worth having, get in touch and let’s discuss the next step…

Is this solution right for you?

Whether you’ve been trading for one day, a few months, or even a year…we’ll help you reach the first milestone, then stay with you for the long journey ahead.

You should consider this start-up package if:

  • You’ve started a US-based for-profit business, in any sector
  • Your revenues are below $0.5M, but your goals are much higher
  • You can innovate and sell, but finance is out of your comfort zone
  • You want to rest easy, knowing payroll and accounts are in order
  • You need help setting budgets and planning out your spend
  • You feel like everyone else understands something you don’t
  • You worry that the business is going to outgrow you
  • You’re ready to learn the essentials, and put it all into practice
  • You want to take steps now to prevent fraud as you grow
  • You need to find – and impress – new investors, fast

If that sounds like you, we should discuss your business very soon.

Getting started

There’s no better time to get your finance systems in order. Yes, you’re busy. Frantic, even. But start as you mean to go on, working to solid CFO principles, and you’re spared the hassle and upheaval that’s waiting for you in the next phase of growth.