Your CFO for expansion

Let’s bring in a finance expert, before things move up a gear and the numbers get out of control

As a CEO, a year or two into your business, you’ll be wearing too many hats. Sales. Innovation. Growth. People issues. Customer Success. And more.

Chances are, you’re pulled in every direction, by investors, staff and customers.

So how do you cope if… to cap it all… you’re also juggling finance?

Surely, the CFO role is a stretch too far?

Even if you know your way around the finance system, your extra duties will kill momentum. Situation, urgent.

And if you’re new to finance – feeling your way through?

“URGENT” moves to “CRITICAL”.

You’ll be locked in a constant battle to plan for growth… manage investment… meet fundraising goals… without running out of cash or losing the confidence of the board.

It’s untenable. So if you expect the business to reach its full potential, there’s only one solution…

Bring in a Chief Financial Officer

It needn’t be a full-time hire. If that’s a strain on the budget, or talent is thin on the ground, Vanreusel Ventures will bridge the gap. Placing a CFO with you part-time, working the hours you need, to steer you through the early phases of expansion.

Your CFO will:

  • Take immediate steps to secure new funding and protect your cashflow
  • Identify the opportunities – and risks – behind the numbers
  • Produce granular data that you can act on with confidence
  • Model your future spending, so you can grow without “growing broke”
  • Create accurate forecasts, to give your stakeholders faith in the numbers
  • Keep a tight rein on costs, to protect your cash position
  • Introduce tested systems and internal controls: tools that you can scale and replicate as you expand
  • Build a solid finance team, with the skills you need for the future

In other words: prepare you for the day you recruit a full-time CFO – who can take over and scale the business, knowing we’ve laid the foundations.

Why choose a Vanreusel Ventures Corporate Finance Services?

We work with you in partnership. And if you’ve worked with a CFO service before, you’ll know how rare that is!

We don’t use the agency model, of pairing you with a freelance consultant and washing our hands of the whole affair. We’ve seen the damage that follows when no-one is taking ownership. So our CFOs work on staff, and work the Vanreusel way – following a proven system to maximise your results, with the full support of our analysts and peer review from the whole team.

And that’s just the technical aspect – there’s the personal edge too.

We don’t simply look at the numbers and hand you a cold set of recommendations. We get to know you and your team, your company values, your overarching mission…and work with you to deliver the plan in the most appropriate way.

That’s how we work. Not as a bolt-on, but as a key member of your team. So you get the loyalty and cultural fit of a full-time hire, with the flexible hours and deep expertise you’d expect from an agency.

Is this solution right for you?

A part-time CFO will fit straight into your business if…

  • You’re a for-profit company in the US, with ambitious targets.
  • You’re growing fast, with revenues already over $1M – $2M.
  • You’ve secured Seed or Series A Funding, and you plan to raise more.
  • You need to understand your key numbers, and how they affect performance.
  • You want to take financial decisions with total confidence.
  • You need to spend less time on spreadsheets, more time growing the business.
  • You feel “exposed” – like an imposter – when you’re discussing numbers.
  • You need to address the risk of debt, insolvency or fraud.
  • Your investors ask challenging questions, and you want answers at your fingertips.

If this describes you, it all starts with an informal chat…

Getting started

Let’s discuss your plans to scale the business and where a CFO fits in. No obligation – just a chance to decide what happens next.