Negotiating With Myself

It matters who you learn from…

If you want to be a great entrepreneur then spend time with people who have created multi-million dollar companies.

Those people who can speak into you from experience, not from textbooks or from what others have told them, but actually from having been successful themselves.

Integrity is a value that is very high up on my list. I do what I say and say what I do.

The last five years I’ve been to 8 weeklong leadership-training conferences with John Maxwell. My goal is to be the best leader I can be and to do this I must learn from the best.

If you want to hang your hat on some concrete data, John’s been recognized by the American Management Association as #1 among the Top 30 Leaders in Business in 2014. This is after receiving the same accolade from Inc. Magazine in August 2014. He’s a big deal in leadership and there are some very famous names ranked below him.

Following the right people is not just enough though.

We all have dreams and aspirations and the size of your dream will determine the amount of money you will spend to reach it. “The Law of Sacrifice” is law #18 in his bestseller ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It says you have to give up to go up.

I’ve paid close to $35,000 to sit at the feet of John and his team and soak in their wisdom. I don’t negotiate with my dream. If I ever do, I’ll never get to where I desire to be.

What are you negotiating with in life or business that is stopping you from reaching your dream?

Today, we’ve barely scratched the surface

Whatever stage you’re at in business, you need to be all over the numbers. In posts like this, we aim to offer bite-size food for thought – but in a few hundred words, we can only do so much.

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