My Experience Being Part Of An Entrepreneurial Master Group

I first met Christian Simpson in 2011 at a coaching and leadership conference in Florida.

I was on a personal growth journey to solidify my position as group CFO at an international financial services company. I became an avid student of his coaching curriculum and mentorship as coaching has been the number one way for me to build influence and thereby my leadership credentials.

Just over one and a half years ago I launched my own company and knew I needed help to make a success transition from the corporate world into becoming an entrepreneur. I immediately joined Christian’s Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle (EMIC) and looking back it’s been a great decision.

Here’s how I’ve benefited:

  1. I’m in a group of higher-level entrepreneurial thinkers.
    When I joined I was happy to win 5-figure contracts because my results back then didn’t allow me to see how I could do better. My new inner circle has elevated my level of thinking and I’m now pursuing 6 and 7-figure contracts.
  2. The collective minds of EMIC are sourced from business owners in all different industries.
    I hear and observe their problems and solutions that at first seem unique to their personal companies. However, I’m now able to take their solutions and apply them to my industry. Because nobody has ever thought of doing what I’m doing now I have a strong competitive edge.
  3. I tap into their expertise and experience in different areas such as copywriting, sales and marketing, finance, partnerships, legal, etc.
    There is no charge…everybody gives and is delighted to give in order to provide value to the individual asking the question and the group in general.
  4. I’ve transitioned from being an entrepreneur to becoming a CEO, from being the center of my universe and having everything pass through me, to delegating and creating a highly functioning team.
  5. I’m going where I’ve never gone before. I’m in pioneering territory and I need guides to help me bypass obstacles and challenges. I need a team of smarter people around me and a coach who can help me think into my preconceived ideas to achieve better results. EMIC gives me all these things.

When I personally experience something that has a transformational impact on my personal and business life I want to share and give it to others.

Financial Mastery inner Circle has a heavy focus on what I’m passionate about, namely financing and scaling small businesses that have values and a mission I believe in.

Today, we’ve barely scratched the surface

Whatever stage you’re at in business, you need to be all over the numbers. In posts like this, we aim to offer bite-size food for thought – but in a few hundred words, we can only do so much.

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