Accessing The C-Suite… Becoming An Authority Part 2

Imagine the center of a room…

Now, think through the process of how you determined where the center of the room was?

You probably thought of a room you know, like the one you’re sitting in, or your living room or kitchen at home, and then did some geometry based on the lines created by the walls of the room to find the center.

The point is you found the center of the room by starting from a set of boundaries, that is the lines made from the walls.

It’s therefore not surprising that so many people start to figure out how they can make money by looking at the constraints they face.

Budgets are a way to limit resources and prohibit people from overspending.

A big question you may have is ….How do I get paid more?

By becoming an authority in my field.

Yes, degrees and/or certificates are important, as many times that will give you access. But we’re a culture that over-values degrees and knowledge. There’s a declining value to each new degree earned and ultimately that is not what get’s you that outsized payday.

Isn’t it true that the people, who make the most money, solve the biggest problems?

And the people who spend the most money have the biggest problems.

As a consultant or vendor, if you focus on boundaries and budgets, you’ll end up talking to HR and they have no extra money to spend. Whatever your contract states, that’s your payment…1X only.

HR will ask you to deliver a program, a research paper, a workshop, etc.

But…if you think in terms of outcomes…

…and are able to take an industry-wide view to understand where it is going and what pains will show up in the future…

…so you can position your client to advance her market position…

…Then you’ll be talking to the C-Suite…and that’s where the money is…3-5X and more.

Outcomes = C-Level = have money.

Budgets = HR-level = no money.

Sell to solve problems, not to deliver your product.


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