Episode 7: What is the best finance/accounting tools for the transition from a small to medium sized business.


In Episode 7 of #ASKaCFO James Vanreusel discusses more corporate finance questions focusing this week on finance and accounting tools for small to medium sized business.

My job as a CFO is to pay very close attention to every expense, so adding a new tool for a growing business must meet one of these 3 criteria.  Will it put out a fire, can we afford it, and how will it grow my business.  In my own business I allow for a 2-3 month trial period…if the problems not solved by that software then expense goes to the chopping block.  

Keeping a simple list can help keep all of your tech in one place.  Another great practice is every quarter reviewing your subscriptions and making sure they are all beneficial and serving a purpose- otherwise, off they go!


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