Getting to grips with finance? Check out these essentials

There’s no escaping it – as CEO, you need to know your numbers. And that challenge only increases as the business grows. So James Vanreusel has put together this set of tools and resources, to help you through the finance maze.

Business Stage: Start-Up
Scale By Numbers Accelerator

This is a 3-month accelerator program that teaches young organizations to invest early in the systems and frameworks that will help them scale. 

Business Stage: Any
CFO Thinking Partner

CFO level support and expert guidance in a monthly membership to fast track your business goals, financial skills, and fundraising.

Business Stage: Start-Up to Growth
Strength in numbers CEO Masterclass

A CEO Masterclass for start-ups takes the mystery out of finance. Over 6 steps, you’ll learn how to manage the numbers and make smart, informed decisions while avoiding the most common pitfalls en route to your first $1 Million.

Business Stage: Start-Up
The Complete Hiring Toolkit

Every business needs a quality accountant. But how do you choose the right candidate – someone who’ll gel with your team and give you the right numbers, so you can make timely, informed decisions?  This toolkit has all the answers.

The #1 Key to Creating a Thriving Business

SPOILER: the ‘key’ is an intimate connection with the numbers – understanding how cash moves through your business, how to raise it and how to protect it. All is revealed here in this jargon-free book. Click to request a free copy.


“James helped Planet leading several major initiatives to reduce expenses, raise finances and build sales models. He succeeded very well in these. Furthermore, I really enjoyed working with James. I’d highly recommend James to anyone who needs CFO services similar to our needs.”

Will Marshall /
CEO & Co-Founder, Planet

“Honestly I put James up there in the top 1% of the CFOs that I’ve worked with. I think James is absolutely fantastic at understanding the numbers, understanding the process, understanding the business, and then being that thought partner for the CEO, that can sit in the room and participate in a conversation and bring a perspective that others don’t have. And that is absolutely huge.”

Greg Ennis /
Managing Director , Peninsula Ventures

“I’ve had a great experience working with James. In under six months, we’ve gotten to know each other really well and that’s down to him being open and being available to talk through both how he operates as Interim CFO at Planet and in his own company. From both sides of the equation that I’ve experienced, I think very highly of him. I think he is definitely one with high integrity, never goes back on his word and his follow up has always been on point. I completely trust his skill sets in terms of working with companies across different stages and the experience I’ve had with him on a later stage company shows that he’s got some breadth – it’s not just a small series A company where he’d be tapped in, he can work with companies that are generating ten, twenty, thirty million in revenue.”

Kevin Zeidan/Managing Director,Hercules Capital

Getting started

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