The Complete Hiring Toolkit


The Complete Toolkit to Hiring an Accountant you can trust

Simple, comprehensive steps to separate the field and attract the standout candidate with an irresistible offer



The Complete Hiring Toolkit
The 7 steps to finding and recruiting the right accountant  

Discover how to:

  • Attract a field of suitable candidates by writing a detailed job spec with crystal clear requirements
  • Produce your “long list” of potentials by scoring candidates objectively – and quickly 
  • Grill candidates before interview and use their answers to trim the list – so you only spend time with the best of the best
  • Eliminate systematically through James’s 3-stage interview process (all questions and valid answers supplied)
  • Test their knowledge, values and problem solving: The Ultimate Accounting Test
  • Check their complimentary skills like teamwork and communication 
  • Score your interviews to weigh up every candidate’s pros and cons, so you can base your decision on metrics as well as instinct
  • Create a compensation package to attract your preferred hire – and make extra concessions if they end up torn between offers