Strength In Numbers


Masterclass Series with James Vanreusel

A series of webcasts for start-up business owners looking to take the mystery out of finance. Over 6 steps, you’ll learn to see the story behind the numbers: to spot the risks and opportunities in every balance sheet, and every P&L.



You’ll discover how to:

  • Create an effective budget, from a model that gives you liquidity… reflects where your business is going… and tells you exactly how much funding you’ll need at every turn
  • Build an accurate sales funnel, based on probability – not guesswork
  • Forecast your cash reserves for the end of each month… over the full year ahead
  • Raise more capital by talking to different types of investors – and giving them the specific information they need
  • Solve your pricing problems, in a way that keeps you competitive… and profitable
  • Incorporate CFO practices now – long before a CFO joins your team
  • Test your investments before you commit, with proven financial models
  • Scale your business without straining your financial system
  • Talk with confidence to investors and board members when they check in to see if you’ll be making your numbers