E11: Preventing bad actors from getting in the way of good business–Guest: Candice Tal Founder of Infortal Worldwide


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Guest: Candice Tal| CEO & Founder| Infortal

💡 Who is Infortal and what do they do? 

Candace Tal is the CEO of Infortal Worldwide, a global risk management, and investigations firm. Infortal Worldwide works in 160 countries, has done over 2 million investigations and works with companies from Start-Ups all the way up to Fortune 100 companies. Their goal is to “prevent bad actors from getting in the way of good business.”

💡What type of investigations does Infortal do? 

Each investigation has different end purposes but similar goals. They focus on adding integrity to a growing business, help them grow with like-minded people on their team, and allowing them to flourish with honest employees with the same ethics and values. Infortal focusses on running corporate investigation due diligence checks in the following areas:

  • Executive/C-Suite
  • Business Partner Checks
  • 3rd Party Supply chains checks
  • Adding Board/ Advisory Members

💡How does Infortal mitigate risk? 

Firstly, reputation management is a priority. In Candice’s experience, at least 20% of executives have serious issues that could cause serious business issues. Executive due diligence will enable you to prevent very serious issues from happening that you cannot find in a regular back ground check. Infortal looks for information that answers questions like.

  • Does this executive have a nefarious background?
  • Litigious behavior or conflict of interests?
  • History of misconduct?

💡What type of investigations should a company engage?  

Maybe add in brief descriptions of each check (federal, business, real estate etc.) In a routine cheap background check, you do not find some of the deeper layers of an individual, so they can minimize the risk of a company looking for a new CEO by really peeling back the layers of the individual and making sure that they are 100% sure they have the right individual

💡What is the Infortal background check structure?

 Infortal uses a 3 tier structure. 

  • Tier 1 is a more advanced standard background check that can still find quite a bit more information than a standard check you would find on google. 
  • Tier 2 is all public records, including all criminal history, civil level, county level, federal, and statewide databases; it looks at the department of corporations conflicts of interests, anti-competitive behaviors. For example, if a candidate is working for a competitor or had federal crimes.
  • Tier 3– This is the deep dive of the candidate’s entire worldwide web history, including everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and even real estate transactions. ‘

💡Why would someone engage Infortal? 2 words. Risk Management.  

💡How to get in touch with Candice?


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