How Impact and Sustainable Employment help to Combat Human Trafficking

In this episode of scale by numbers, we talk with the co-founder and CEO of Nomi Network, Diana Mao. Diana and two other women passionate about human rights founded Nomi Network to provide economic opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and women at risk of human trafficking.  

Diana discusses her motivation for founding Nomi Network, the challenges she’s encountered along the way, and the positive impact her foundation has had worldwide. 

Their partnerships and grants, along with donations received, have enabled them to set up ten training sites. The team is very outcome-driven, taking wisdom from the private sector and adapting their learnings for their non-profit model. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Diana has learned from the past 12 years of running Nomi Network.
  • The systemic barriers that Nomi Network faces.
  • How to build partnerships and acquire funding.
  • Where to get seed funding as a charity / non-profit.
  • How to manage cash / donor burnout.
  • How much benefit one donation can have.
  • The importance of building trust in a community.

Key Takeaways:

  • The value of investing in a human being is astronomical.
  • Look for ways to invest in those around you.
  • You can be part of the solution by doing your part every day.   

Want to learn more about Nomi Network and their mission to end human trafficking? Start Here  

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