10 Tips to best work with Venture Debt, straight from a VC

Venture Debt can be confusing if you aren’t well versed in its complexities! So to educate you all, we talked with Kevin Zeidan, a venture debt mastermind from Trinity Capital. With 24 years in venture debt, it’s safe to assume he knows what the heck is talking about. 

Kevin has worked with Promerica, Hercules Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and helped support some companies at their early stages like Uber, Twitter, Twitch, Planet Labs, and other companies at the Seed stage all the way to pre-IPO. 

Currently, he is working with Trinity Capital as a Managing Director, where their mission is to support all founders, and are both stage, and sector agnostic. 

If you want to connect with Kevin to learn more about him or Trinity Capital, you can reach him at [email protected]. Thanks, Kevin for making us that much smarter.

What you will learn :

  • Venture Debt VS Traditional Debt
  • The truth about Venture Debt Vs Traditional Debt.
  • How Venture Debt Companies Structure their Loans 
  • How the Timing Matches-Up Between Venture Capital Funds and Venture Debt
  • What happens If a Company Has Not Reached Exit,
  • How Equity Investors and Venture Debt Funds Look at Traditional Loans
  • How a Founder Wanting to Understand Venture Debt Better, understands who to work with, how to originate deals, and where the money comes from. 
  • What Could Go Wrong with Having Venture Debt?
  • Since Venture Debt is Growing In Popularity, Who Are the New Models? How do they Compete With Incumbents? Should Early Stage Companies Look at Those?
  • What Would Happen if I Have a Venture Debt Loan, and the Fund I Got The Loan For Collapsed?

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