Need a Finance Mentor that WILL Grow your Business?

Join the VV finance mentor program.

Receive sustainable monthly consulting sessions, tutorials, access to insider interviews, and access to VV online resources resources. You will finally…understand how finance drives your start-up and learn the steps to grow. 

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Special offer to Growth University members 30 day access for $1, with  50% discount after 30 days when you upgrade to the Plus Membership. 

Trusted by Growing Startups like yours

The right support, resources, and knowledge can accelerate you at a early stage.

On the one hand, you’re busy generating revenue, and leads. You are working hard to meet and exceed metrics and goals, spending hours networking and searching for resources. But what about your start-up finance knowledge, the skills needed to accelerate the progress you have made.

Vanreusel Ventures has over 12 years of Strategic Advisory, FP&A, M&A, Fundraising and CFO experience supporting start-ups of all sizes, and at all stages grow their business from the inside out…we have scaled companies like yours to over $30M in budget.  

Even $1M companies have journeyed the same path…

  • Weak financial knowledge and controls – money is poorly spent
  • A shortage of reliable resources– you have gaps that must be filled 
  • A lack of expert advice – so no-one spots room for improvement

4 Reasons

Why start-Ups like yours benefit from regular expert finance support


Accelerate your start-up finance knowledge, and get your questions answered.

We know startups-we are one.  Our 12 years of start-up finance, strategic advisory, and fundraising support proves that it is never too late to get the financial support and mentorship you need.  From calculating indirect costs to understanding burn rate we know the fundamentals to help you scale in the future.  

Enhance your network, and fill the gaps in your business easily.

Vanreusel Ventures works with some of the best vendors, investors, and start-up tools needed to take companies just like yours 100 miles ahead of the competition. 

Learn how to build a killer financial foundation that will sustain during during your hardest times. 

With Vanreusel Ventures you will receive a mentor that can teach you first steps to building your financial foundation, and arm you with the knowledge you need to move past obstacles…. low profit margins…exceeding costs…poor cash flow.

Gain the resources you need to build-up your start-up finance muscles 

Our resource library contains the start-up essentials, topics and answers you need NOW. Surrounding topics on bookkeeping and accounting, fundraising hacks, HR solutions, cap table issues, reporting timelines, building investor relationships and income statement translation tips.  We will keep you educated and up to date on the toughest questions and obstacles that start-ups run into everyday. 

Growth University members get a 30 day trial for $1 when you join the Vanreusel Ventures monthly membership.  Additionally receive a 50% discount when you upgrade to plus membership after 30 days-an annual savings of up to $1,200.

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Why founders like you love Vanreusel Ventures

“At the beginning of the exercise we were 80% committed to the expansion into Mexico but the work performed by Vanreusel Ventures highlighted a poorer risk/reward outcome than we anticipated. Their financial modelling analysed a fairly complex situation in a very simple, easy to understand manner and they added further value by highlighting specific issues that investors would focus on.”

“I’ve had a great experience working with James. I completely trust his skill sets in terms of working with companies across different stages and the experience I’ve had with him on a later stage company shows that he’s got some breadth – it’s not just a small series A company where he’d be tapped in, he can work with companies that are generating ten, twenty, thirty million in revenue.”


“James and his team transformed our finance processes and gave us assurance that we have best-in-class financials and systems in place – for today and as our business grows. They always provide personalized attention, and at no point have we felt like just another of many clients. Overall, I can’t recommend brining James and his team on more, and suggest doing it sooner than you think you need to.”

We work with the best vendors, resources, and tools in the business

A special offer for Growth University members


For Everyone who wants to join Vanreusel Ventures but wants to try us first.
30-Day Trial

$1 /first 30 days


Get 30 days for $1

Get to know the start-up finance world, and how to scale your business from the inside out.

  • 60-min  LIVE Monthly Mentorship Q and A 
  • Exclusive access to start up stack network  and deals
  • Our Entire Library of hundreds of start-up resources (podcast, video series, blogs)
  • Surprise value add throughout the month
Get 30 Days for $1
For all founders wanting to take a deeper dive into their start-up finance knowledge and analysis.
Plus Membership

$197   $97/mo

for first year


Go deeper into the how to build a solid financial foundation and the frameworks used with companies with budgets over $30M

Everything in previous tier plus…

  • Guest spot on VV Scale by Numbers podcast during membership (based on availability)
  • Access to Strength in Numbers Masterclass
  • The Complete Hiring Toolkit
Take advantage of CFO level support and build a strong financial framework.
3-month accelerator

$1,667  $1367/mo

for 3-months


For growing startups that are ready to accelerate their financial readiness

Everything in previous tier plus…

  • 3-month program with senior finance team
  • We will work 1:1 with you to upgrade your financial structure
  • Personalized hands-on support on 2-3 projects (w/cap on hours)


We will fully credit the remaining period of your existing membership towards your upgrade fee. For full details on this, reach out directly to

What do I get during my trial?

Over 30 days, you will have access to everything listed in the column above.  If you want access to the Strength in Numbers course, Hiring Toolkit and guest podcast options that is on our Plus plan. 

Don’t worry. 

You will still get the same insights, advice, tools, support, and strategy to help you become a stronger founder, and have a more solid financial foundation.

You will begin to see things differently, your financial decisions will make more sense, and you will begin to grow an intimate relationship with your numbers in turn making your business stronger.  You will receive the knowledge you need to ensure you avoid costly mistakes. 

You are joining into a community of founders who all want the same thing—growth, and support.   The VV team is here to help you succeed while you are learning about the complexities of start-up finance and how it connects to your business growth. 

We have all of the tools, and knowledge you need to start growing stronger now.

We will guide you through your first 30 days to ensure you make the most out of your membership.

You can cancel at any time. We want this to be the right fit for you and we want you to be the right fit for our community of founders.

What happens if I upgrade to the Plus Tier?

You get all the new membership benefits of your new tier, and all the benefits of the tiers below. If you signed up on a trial basis as soon

Growth University members get a 30 day trial for $1 when you join the Vanreusel Ventures monthly membership.  Additionally receive a 50% discount when you upgrade to plus membership after 30 days-an annual savings of up to $1,200.

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